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Genre : Bollywood, Drama, Google Play, Indies, iTunes, Mystery, Netflix US, Thriller, Whats New | Directed By : Pulkit | Produced By : Jyotsana Nath


Maroon is about Saurabh Sharma (Kaul), a professor in Dehradun University, who stays with his wife, Roshni, a school teacher. The story starts off on the day his wife doesn’t return from work. Initially, Saurabh is in two minds on whether or not to inform the police. But he does ring up the cops after she is not traceable till late night. The case is handled by Inspector R Negi (Saurabh Sachdeva). During his first visit at Saurabh’s bungalow, the cop finds a few things fishy. Things become more complicated for the professor when his student, Sakshi (Devyani CM) lands at his house and shows over-friendliness. Later on, a voluntary visit by a psychiatrist Dr Abhay Kumar (Suneel Sinha) adds to the mystery. Will Roshni ever be found?

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