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Genre : Bollywood, Drama, Google Play, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Whats New | Directed By : | Produced By :


Appalled at the way a female patient passes away after unable to afford hospital treatment, Dr. Ajay Kumar cancels his immigration to the U.S. and decides to start a charitable hospital called "Amma People's Hospital", that will cater for those patients who cannot afford treatment. This then attracts many with his popular acquaintances being Shweta and Sub-Inspector Ramya. Ajay then decides to get settled with Shweta - soon Ajay return home to find that a pregnant Shweta is being attacked. Ajay then attempts to overpower the attacker but unfortunately Shweta gets murdered. Shweta's telephone call to Ramya screaming "Ajay" prompts the police to arrest Ajay at the crime scene. The case is then tried in a court of law where-by Ajay is found guilty and is sentence with the death penalty. While being transported to jail the prison van meets with an accident and Ajay manages to escape; the police then launches a man-hunt for Ajay while he wants to gather evidence to prove his innocence and bring the real criminals to justice.

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